Anna Vay

Status: Discontinued
Event ceased.
Events: Shiverz III
Shiverz IV
Shiverz V
Race: Human
Class: Ranger

Anna isn't a very social woman, and if not for a paladin of Imperito, Sir Rion, she might never have made any friends at all. Right after arriving in a world made of ice she feels lost and alone, and the paladins reach out their arms and embrace her in their hearts. In return, Anna is very loyal to the paladins. And, the unthinkable has happened. Anna fell in love with one of them.

However, when sir Rion died before her very eyes, and she was just too late to save him, she has been pushing herself hard. When a second paladin died, Anna fears for the life of her love, Sir Ravian. She is terrified for him, but she also just as scared to show her feelings for him. The closest they ever came to showing their love is a warm arm on the other's shoulder.

Anna's dream is to have a quiet place in a forest for herself, where no-one will bother her. The forest has accepted her, and sent her a treenymph, to remind her of the love of the trees. It is always with her, and tinkles merrily. But now that Anna cares so much for Sir Ravian, she is very much in doubt over what to do. She is very confused and often prays to her God, Storok, what to do.

Anna is very fond of the creatures of the forest. She is friendly not only with the satyrs, and the mouse that accompanies her, but also with the simple creature Argh.

Anna currently resides in the only village in a green valley of an iceworld.

You can read an extended background of Anna in the Library.