Mariel's Adventures

Somewhere in September 2006, I decided to write down my adventures of D&D. We had been playing for over a year and a half, but had switched Dungeon Masters in the middle. Our old Dungeon Master, JW, was tired and uninspired, and Keffie took over. Luckily, we were just at a turning point in the campaign. They arranged it so, that everything JW had DM'ed, was a dream (or vision, if you will), and the moment we started to play under Keffie's watchful DM eye, our characters woke up...


Working title: The Siege
Last updated: June 8th, 2009
--Prologue190 kB
--Dramatis Personae70 kB
1.Meetings From A Vision564 kB
2.Into The Deep758 kB
3.The Siege Of Ironforge444 kB
4.Respite At Sir Jean's 822 kB
5.Transformations646 kB
6.The Aftermath Of Battle780 kB
7.Enchanting Work613 kB
8.Margden Woods394 kB
9.Assault at Southshire690 kB
10.A Reason To Live433 kB
11.Please Forgive Me632 kB
12.The Statue At The Temple Square642 kB

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