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Lanelle's Outfit

A practical outfit, mostly, with a touch of flair.
The base layer in this costume is green cotton pants, copied from NoKey's taijutsu pants, with a wool sweater on top. The event where I play Lanelle was in the cold beginning of March, and one night temperatures hit -10°C! I was glad to wear my wool sweater then, I assure you.
The pattern for the trousers are quite simple: two legs with a square set into the crotch for extra manouverability. It probably will allow you to do a split (if you can, that is). The waistband can be tied, and I added a nice basketball stitch on the outside of the leg in black, for that tad extra.
The sweater is a simple shaped rectangle with two darts for the boobs. I adapted a Burda top for this, and stole the Simplicity sleeves off the Matrix robe, because they work.
I stole the collar also from that pattern, and drew the chinese closure by hand, having the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon dvd close at hand for reference. I'm amazed at the number of commercial patterns that put the closure on the left shoulder, while all during Crouching Tiger the closures are on the right shoulder, if not on both. I'm sorry, but I trust Ang Lee and his costume department slightly more than Simplicity or McCalls (which is weird, if you think about it).
The buttons are blackened metal, and I placed grommets all down the sides and the seams of the arms. These are cross-laced for practicality.

The idea behind this sweater is to be stylish, practical and warm. If Lanelle ever has to be present at a ceremony or ritual, she can take off the upper tunic, and put on a robe over this sweater.

The top layer is quite simple. I used the tunic pattern I made for Dolle Griet and drew a slightly different hem. The flaps on front and back reach until just above my knees. The front is completely finished with grommets (old brass colour), the back just has two grommets and a little knot at the bottom. The tunic is made from a polyester-wood blend in my favorite colour green. It has a wide hood that will frame your face quite nicely and keep some of your warmth in, though still impairs hearing slightly. All visible seams except the one running from the top of the head to the nape of the neck have been finished with the same basketball stitch that is on the trousers.

The (bow-)quiver was made to fit my bow by Akh-Faer. The belt was also fashioned by Akh-Faer, with brass end and buckle from Quiet Press, who reproduce historical finds. The buckle and end tip of the belt have dog-heads on them.
The Bow is called Birgitte, and she is a 30 lbs. horseman's bow. Fibreglass core, covered with leather and suede.

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March 2006; © Jane Starz.