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Puerto Dress

While working on my new dress for Marianne, I realised that I might as well make myself a mock-up. Not just because it would give me an idea of how the final dress would look, but also because Puerto was in two weeks and I didn't have anything appropriate to wear!
Luckily, the bodys were in working order by that time. After three mock-ups, the fourth one would be a wearable mock-up in red linen. And it would be perfect underneath a dress for Puerto. A little outdated for the period (a 1580s dress in a 1666 setting?), but who'd know!?

Coif pattern: Reconstructing History RH102 - 1600-1660 Caps
Petticoat pattern: Reconstructing History RH708 - 1690s-1710s Mantua
Bodys pattern: Reconstructing History RH203 - Elizabethan Bodys

The complete ensemble on Puerto. The bodys are worn underneath the dress.
The dress is made of a medium-weight linen and the accent colour (deep pink) is of a light linen. The guards, long vertical lines, and bodys make me look extremely thin and tall.
The apron covers the gap at the front and holds my shop keys, a small suede pouch of money, and my crucifix.

Photo thanks to and © Reinoud van Leeuwen.

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May 2009; © Jane Starz.