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The gala series

When my brother and his girlfriend went to India, they asked if I wanted a souvenir. I replied that I'd love to have a sari. Blue was my preferred colour, and boy did they find the most gorgeous shade of cobalt blue! I was ecstatic with the sari, but realised it would be very hard to really use it for anything, because of the sentimental value.
Several years passed. I think; I can't quite remember when they went to India. The fabric lay in my cloth cupboard for a long time, often fondled, but never used.

After a long leave of absence I decided to try my hand at playing Michelle, my vampire character again. It would be a Toreador Elysium, and I negotiated with the GMs. I would be hosting the Elysium, and I could name the dress code. I chose the dress code "exotic", but I only remembered the sari when I was shopping for the perfect blue fabric for a dress.
The cobalt blue seemed impossible to combine with anything, so in the end I chose to make a half-circle skirt from scraps of the gold satin I had left from a previous project. I really needed an underdress because I am so very tall -- look at how much of the gold skirt you can see! I bought more gold satin to create a blouse to wear underneath the sari, as I would need every last centimeter of the silk and could not spare any for a real choli.

The sari fabric was pleated to a black twill waistband and would stay in place with two hooks and eyes. A large number of pins would secure all the loose flaps, and I had gold shoes and a gold purse to match the outfit. Large gold hoops through my ears and a small golden stone in stead of the red dot completed the outfit.

Photo thanks to and © Ork de Rooij.

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February 2009; © Jane Starz.