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The Silver Corset

One third of two vampire outfits
A wonderful damask I found on that faithful day in August of the year 2006. It was white, completely and very white, but also 100% cotton, and thus dyeable. I acquired a meter and a half and immediately washed and dyed it, hoping for a complete dark black with black woven flowers, like my Violetly Violet had become completely purple. Nothing was farther from the truth. The lengthwise threads refused to dye, and I ended up with a silvery shimmering damask, the flowers in varying shades of grey. My plans for a gothic dress went out the window, and slowly, but surely new plans formed and I made a corset from this lovely fabric.

The first time I wore the corset to a live roleplay event was for my vampire, Michelle. Clan Toreader, of which she is a member, hosted a special Elysium for the anniversary of the Prince. The theme was 'bal du masque' and everyone should wear appropriate clothing. I designed an outfit to reflect all of Michelle's sides. The black catsuit and super short skirt are references to her profession, while the stiletto heels point to the darker tastes of this profession. As the outfit would be all too revealing for the Prince's tastes I also created a long lace coat to wear over the entire outfit so that the more squeamish vampires would not look too disdainfully upon my costume.
The complete costume consisted of a black catsuit, a very, very short pleated skirt, stiletto boots, the silver corset, and a lace coat. A silver mask with black feathers would complete the outfit.
The second time I wore the corset to a live roleplay event Michelle again needed a tasteful outfit that wouldn't draw too many stares. (Alright, let's just strike the 'again'...I drew a few stares the first time.)
Michelle was 'old' enough to stretch forth her wings. Or rather, the Toreador Primogen had been ogling Creation Rights, and needed to have her hands free. I should present myself to the Primogen council, assume responsibility for my actions, recite the Traditions, and be a grown-up vampire.
It's not called the sweat spot for no reason...
The outfit consisted of a black skirt, stiletto heels, a black kimono top with embroidered mon (a rose for Toreador) on the back and silver hemming at the sleeves, and the silver corset.

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November 2006; © Jane Starz.