Elisabeth Serena Roelandsdaughter of Welburg

Elisabeth and her brother Balthasar
Status: Discontinued
Event ceased.
Events: Dragon's Rift
Race: Human
Class: Noble

Daughter to the Duke of Welburg, and sister of Balthasar Arthurian Roelandsson of Welburg, Elisabeth's life up until now has existed of trying to keep her brother our of taverns, tending to her often ill mother, and learning sorcery from the court's wizard-with-a-stutter, Cerberus.

Together with her brother, she has recently hosted a skull-ball tournament, where people, barbarians, and noble knights and wizards from all over the province participated in the festivities. Sadly, the event was disturbed by a troup of undead and a lich. Lucky for her, Elisabeth was at that time by her mother's side, who was taken ill once more.