Elze van Wilgen

Status: Active Events: Bravewood I
Race: Human
Class: Priestess
Themesong: Pink Floyd
On The Turning Away

Elze went to study with a priestess and soon they travelled to Heartland, leaving their homeland Swindon. They travelled and worked in the province closest to the border, where fights and refugees kept them occupied every day. After one skirmish with a battallion of Swindon fighters, Elze found herself next to a young chirurgeon named Kwintijn. They soon realized that they made a good team and they worked together to save the young man's life.
Manuela and Elze travelled through the province for a long time and were loved wherever they came. They helped the population whenever they were in need. The two women lend a hand to widows, stayed up with the dying, and healed the wounded. They also held inspiring sermons, telling about the good that was inside each person. Because of the attacks of the Swindon army Elze often ran into the young chirurgeon, who stuttered as she spoke to him but was completely unabashed when they were working side by side.

The priestess Manuela who had long been with Elze dedicated her after six years of study. Now Elze too was a priestess of the Eldest. She travelled back to the province in search of Kwintijn, and as soon as he too finished his apprenticeship they married.

For a long time they wandered around, from province to province, mostly staying with the commoners and warriors, healing the wounded. But because they were together they had many happy times as well and travelled from village to village. They hardly came into contact with any nobles - Swindon nobles had taught Elze just how thoughtful nobles would be - and avoided them were possible. The news reached their ears that the old king had died.
Their decision to travel to Bravewood came when they heard rumours that the crown prince had disappeared. Kwintijn and Elze feared that the populace would suffer under the inevitable struggle for power that would ensue, and that they could help the commoners during these hard times.

Because Elze is also skilled at binding wounds, people assume she is a chirurgeon, just like her husband. She doesn't speak of her beliefs often, especially because in Bravewood the nobles might try to take advantage of her. She still abides the four laws her order believes are the commandments of the God, but is afraid of the nobles.