Francesca Tippet

Status: Discontinued
Event ceased.

Events: Bonebreaker's Bar IX
Bonebreaker's Bar X

Summoning XIV (revived!)

Race: Human
Class: Ranger

Little is known to the outside world of the Rendell Pathfinders. Everyone knows though, that where one can be found, there are usually more around. But where? There might be archers in the treetops, there could be someone hidden on the side of the path behind you, and you didn't even notice them. If you stumble upon one Pathfinder, you'd better be nice.

Francesca Tippet was named such, because her parents had great plans for her. Sadly though, Francesca despised the name and changed it to Frankie before she was 12 years old. Her rough nature and manly manners might be the fault of her older brothers, but could also be attributed to the Pathfinder training. The training was rough, especially on girls, but Frankie pulled through and saw Rendell, and lived to make her way back. She received the official uniform of the Pathfinders, and soon after was sent through the portal to Safehaven, where she would be placed under the command of Rakoth Blacktree. She was accompanied by Choris Elias, an archer who had also recently visited Rendell.
Rakoth introduced her to his squad; Floyd, a shy archer, and Danara, another archer/scout, who seemed quiet and shy, but opened up slightly to Frankie. None of the Pathfinders are very talkative, which is a good thing when they are out in the woods. No branches stir, and only the slight creaking of leather scabbards can betray their presence.

About six months after Frankie arrived in Safehaven, she is fully incorporated into the squad and acquired a bow herself. By that time, more Pathfinders have joined Rakoth's squad. Max, Makesh, Ruul and Ilya joined the squad, adding better gear and medical skills to the pack. The sqaud pulls closer together and often accompanies the Winged Order into the forest as scouts. To keep their skills sharp and their bodies in good condition, Rakoth also takes them on a 'camping trip'. Each Pathfinder carries his share of the burden to make camp, and they practice making and striking camp.

When Safehaven exploded or imploded or whatever happened to it, the Pathfinders were caught in a large Black. When they found a light and moved towards it, they found a place that was called the Vortex. Chaos-creatures roamed here as well, and the Pathfinders made camp with faction Gargoyle to fight Chaos as they could not return home to Nogardion.

Rakoth has named her "Frankie the Knife".