Lanelle Strongwind

Status: Active Events: Legendfalls II
Legendfalls III
Legendfalls Special
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger
Themesong: Faun
Von Den Elben

Lanelle is sister to Adriel and Tamarr Strongwind. Adriel is a druid, while Tamarr is the odd one out: he is studying to become a mage. Lanelle is a ranger and knows her way around the forest quite well. If necessary she will be able to survive on her own in the forest for longer periods of time.
Most of her life was spent in the close surroundings and comfortable presence of her family. She is quite fond of her elder brothers. Adriel always told her new stories of plants, and gave her a solid base in her knowlegde of poisons. Tamarr always stuck out his neck for Lanelle, especially in family conflicts (there weren't many).

Because Lanelle has always spent her time with her family and other rangers, she has little to no experiences with elves who have a different profession. She can't quite understand what moves, for example, a blacksmith, can't understand what their passions are. This might make it look like Lanelle is very single-minded. After all, how can someone not have any respect for nature and live in close harmony with it? This she has been taught since childhood.
Until Lanelle came to Legendfalls, she never met a human, and like her brothers she looks upon them as lesser beings. She won't quickly enjoy being in their company, or stoop to having a conversation with them.

Since Adriel stayed behind on the elven world, Lanelle found it her task to protect her brother Tamarr, seeing that he is only a mage.
She was forced to work with humans, though she refuses to speak to them. There is one exception: another ranger named Hagor shows respect to the forest and elves. He has deserved her respect in turn, and the relationship between two is something that resembles friendship.

What Tamarr does not yet know, because he was residing on the elven world at the time, is that both Adriel and Lanelle have formed a real connection with the human world. They have agreed to become guardians of the Last Dryad of that world, and promised to protect her. A third Guardian is Nairo, another elf. A patch of bark grows on their hands to show their allegiance to the Dryad.

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