Updated the larp section where I have added two new characters. Maretak has been around for a while, though I've only played her once. There will be a special in two weeks, so there's a good excuse to add her to the website.
The other new addition is Henriëtte, an Inquisitor of the Domus. She made her first appearance on Aon a few weeks back. I hope you will enjoy reading about them!


When isn't it a busy month? About time I updated this website again. I've updated the list of larps played and the Book of larp. Both can be found in the larp section. I'll have to add a new character to the website soon, as I'll be visiting Aon in May. That also includes a new costume...


It's been a busy couple of months, and I've finished a new dress for Marianne, although it's not on this website yet. After the Maerquin 25 event, I've updated her page with a new photo of her and Victor, courtesy Gwendolijn.


These last few days I've been working on renewing the Costume section of the website. It's never going to be done as I'm probably never going to have enough pretty dresses or closet space for them all, but for now it looks a lot better than before. There's new thumbnails for everything, I changed the page for the Silver corset to encompass the two different combinations I made with it, and I added quite a lot of new pages. Enjoy!


Another chapter done! "Please forgive me", chapter 11 of the book of Mariel, is now available in the library.


I finally started writing again! Chapter ten of Mariel's Adventures is now online in the Library.


As I survived Maerquin 23, I can now post the page of Marianne den Schrijfster, my new character. Nieske passed away last Maerquin and Marianne is her successful sucessor. You can find her in the Larp section.


Added the pages of Antoinette Fermier, Nasnan Aliph and Beriadanwen Námiëmelda to the larp section. Updated the Book of larp and the list of larps played (46 and counting), also in the Larp section. Too bad I don't have better pictures.
And I'm also working on a new look for this website. Something that will not look dorky on a widescreen resolution.


After playing at Sonsbeeklive, it was high time to update the website with my one-time character Amotekun Kyi Le Me and of course her band the Eniyan. Our group was very dynamic, with a lot of harmonics and well-thought actions. Too bad the weather was really cold!
You can find Amotekun's page in the Larp section.


I finally got around to updating this website again! Added some larps I've played and a new character to the Larp section. Please meet Nieske, from Aaron & Nieske. She's a dungeoneer by profession, and in April I'll have a shot at playing her again. She's modelled mostly after Vala Mal Doran from Stargate: SG1.
Subsequently, I've also updated the Book of Larp in the Library, and added a new costume page to the Costume section. Enjoy!


Another year draws to a close. A lot has happened in this year. I started working full-time at a large company, and suddenly I find myself with little time left. Larp stays, of course, and so does sewing. It all goes less fast though.
Because of my new job I also lagged behind in writing Mariel's adventures, while the D&D sessions continue. In April, just before I started my new job, I had caught up. When Christmas came this year, I had not written anything in eight months. I used my Christmas holidays to catch up with the recordings we made. As a result, I finished and printed chapter five, I finished writing chapter six and am waiting for our DM to proofread it, and I am currently busy in chapter seven, soon to be followed by chapter eight. All in all, it sounds like I did a lot, but I only cought up four sessions (one month). There is a promise of more to come, and I have become quite motivated because of my hard work and will continue writing during the long winter evenings. You can find Mariel's adventures in the Library section. I corrected a page error in chapter two, and will add chapter five today.
Have a good end of the year, be careful with fireworks, and I'll see you in the New Year. Happy 2008!


Updated the entire Larp section. It really needed a good overhaul. Basically, I've revamped the navigation of the larp section (because it didn't fit anymore and there was no scrollbar there); and I redid the html on all the character pages. I've added a little stats block, with status of the character, race, class and events the character has played. Some of the characters have themesongs.
There were a couple of characters that I wanted to start (Jateen, Chinutai) that have been on the site for ages but never got around to starting up. They've been removed, just like the weapons page. I've never even looked at taking pictures after that first one, so the page might as well just be 'dev/nulled'.
Lanelle has gotten a new picture, a great one that's been taken on the latest special just last weekend. Tink has her own 'real' description now, and Elze has been added to the character list. She's a spur-of-the-moment character I played at Bravewood, a new larp. Also, Mariel is now a lvl 14 Cleric with a touch of Divine Crusader added to the mix, and runs around fully armoured in our D&D sessions. That page really needed a revamp, and I'm guessing this is a good start.


Updated Michelle's page in the larp section with a bit of a ponderment about the role itself. Happy New Year!


To store my stories of Mariel, I added a page especially for her in the Library. I'm in the middle of writing a book of her adventures, and I thought it would be nice to have them here also. You can find the first two chapters, the ones I've finished so far, in the Library under "the Adventuers of Mariel"


A new project done, a new page online. The pictures of the silver corset are here, and you can find it and a long description on its very own page in the Costume section.


Added pictures and description of my latest finished & photoshot costume on the costume page. I proudly present...Frogburger!


After our second Drachenfest it was really time for an update of the Tsubasa page. Instead, I decided to also rewrite the Mariel page, and I've been tweaking the entire Larp Section. Hopefully I'll find a nice picture of Tsubasa, and if not, we'll have to make one.


I've been working on the Costume page. Go have a look!


Added new pictures and some text to Frankie's page in the Larp section. We climbed trees, took pictures and played "find the Pathfinder" last weekend, which got us some nice pictures.

[Entries from 2005 and beyond have been deleted, excepting the very first one}


This homepage is still in progress. I'm not yet done building it, and work goes slow since I'm programming the html by hand. Besides that, I'm not so very used to working on a Linux computer yet.