Photo thanks to Josianne!
Status: Active Events: Kederan XIII
Race: Dryad
Class: Ritualist

Maretak is like her well-known counterpart Misletoe (Maretak is the Dutch name for Misletoe). Misletoe's leaves and berries are poisenous. This is also the reason Maretak is not forthcoming with her help. Misletoe can be a very powerful medicine, when it is used right.
Her introvert personality combined with her near-arrogant reservation make her an inapproachable figure. Vuurdoorn, her friend, is nearly a buffer between Maretak and the rest of the world. Vuurdoorn is more cheerful and can convince Maretak to help people.

Maretak is selective in those she likes to be around, but she will listen to anyone who approaches her openly and honestly, and if their wishes are in concordance with nature, she will help them. Maretak cannot abide people who lie to her or use her for their own personal gain.

It goes without saying that she has a close bond to nature, and as a plant that grows often high up in trees, Maretak is afraid to be near the ground. She avoids confrontations and combat in her own, calm manner. Where necessary, Maretak suppresses her poisenous side, and she will not readily attack someone.

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