Marianne den Schrijfster, from Victor & Marianne

Status: Active Events: Maerquin 23
Race: Human
Class: Scribe
Themesong: Voltaire - When You're Evil

Marianne was born in a small village not far from Orkenslacht, and was orphaned when she was only 8 years old. Her parents died in a storm, and she was left all alone with her uncle Lars. Uncle Lars, however, was as poor as Marianne's parents and decided to bring her to a reputable orphanage in Orkenslacht, where Marianne would receive proper care and an education, so she could marry well.
For more than ten years Marianne stayed in the orphanage, cleaning and scrubbing the floors, attending the classes, praying to the Gods and learning everything she could. The orphanage was strict and its teachers encouraged a healthy scrubbing and a good lashing, because they believed it would teach the children discipline.

Her one friend in the orphanage was Victor. He was a young boy who helped her in her tasks, and despite the teacher's wishes they stuck together. They left the orphanage when Marianne was nineteen years old, and they travelled around the countryside looking for jobs. Marianne had learned all a scribe should know, and could write three different hands. Victor had developed himself as her sidekick: he helped her where possible, served tea and cleaned her dress if there was mud on the hem, and protected her if they were attacked.

Marianne's best defense, she found out, was her shy demeanor. One of the Red Boots had remembered Marianne as the silent woman who had been writing so intently and offered her his serviced while their roads were together. His protection was most welcome, and Marianne - who had been overwhelmed by life outside the orphanage - had gladly accepted his help. From that moment on, she always adopted her shy demeanor, hid her smile behind her hands, and adopted the best etiquette. She had been well-prepared in her lessons, but until that moment she had never considered how useful these skills would be.

Their travels took them to Wateringen, where Marianne delivered a letter to Theodoor van Overstraete, a researcher. She wrote a few letters, and had no reason to stay in Wateringen, but fate and the God she served had different plans. Marianne took part in a ritual to restore the nine Gods to the Pantheon, and now she feels the gaze of her God...