Mariel Morningsun

Status: Active Events: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3.0
Race: Elf
Class: Cleric
Divine Crusader
Themesong: The Gathering
Broken Glass

Born in Margden Woods, and raised to become a cleric of Ehlonna, Mariel never really knew hardship until she became friends with a party of adventurers, as often is the case in Dungeons and Dragons. Together with Grimm the Dwarf, Melvin the Halfling, and Sir Jean, a human, she traveled far and wide and often did not remember which memories were true and which were just a dream or a vision.

The real story begins when Mariel wakes up one morning in her room in Margden Woods, after a dream of things she did with a party of adventurers. She had fallen in love with a man named Lorian, and together with him, Melvin, an elf called Thamior and Sir Jean taken on a quest to find and stop a demon prince from becoming a god on the world. The dream ended with Lorian dead from ghouls, and all the others dead from the Demon Prince Tirazil.
Mariel travels to Little Hollow to find these men and maybe some clues to the whereabouts of Tirazil, and indeed meets Thamior (who later ran off after an unfortunate polymorph incident), Grimm (a dwarf they met only shortly in the dream), Melvin and Sir Jean.

Once staying in the inn in Little Hollow, they find out that Melvin's girlfriend, the baker of the village, was murdered. The next night, pinned to the door of Melvin's room, was a note "Do you miss her yet? signed, ZA." Melvin, Sir Jean, Grimm and Mariel set out to find and kill ZA, who has something to do with this Tirazil fellow. First they pick up some nice mithril armour for Grimm and Mariel, and then they stumble upon a camp of elves. Thanks to some swift talking, they are greeted kindly in stead of hostilely, and Mariel heals some of the paladins there before she finds out the Priest of the group is called Lorian. She falls head over heels in love for him again, and they talk for most of the night. Lorian gives her a ring, and she puts it on immediatly, vowing silently to not take it off ever again.

That same night, they run into an adventurer called Aaron, a dungeoncrawler half-elf who offers his services into getting into a dungeon they believe to be of ZA. The elves go their own way, and the party of adventurers make it into the dungeon of ZA. In this dungeon they slay a young adult Bronze Dragon, a Fire Elemental and a Water elemental, a bone devil, several Bebeliths, a Kraken, and 10 Naga's. The also run across a young ranger called Niro, who was captured by Bebeliths and decides to join them in his gratitude. In the end, they find a half-dragon who might be ZA, and slay him as well (and his minions), and suddenly a portal opens, and more Bebeliths try to kill them. In the end, they jump through the portal and find themselves in a grassy landscape.

Mariel is currently level 14.