Michelle du Croix

Status: Active Events: Lextalionis I
Lextalionis II
Lextalionis III
Lextalionis IV
Race: Vampire
Class: Toreador
Themesong: Nightwish
Nymphomanic Fantasia

Michelle du Croix is a Toreador Youngling recently arrived from Nijmegen. She hopes to find permanent residence in Dorestad and is under the protection of the Toreador Primogen Antionette Louise Berrier.
Lextalionis is a Vampire live of Evolution events according to White Wolf rules.

As a person who plays a vampire, I'd like to comment a bit on this role.
The game that is live roleplay is quite enjoyable, and I must say it is gratifying to be able to immerse oneself completely into an alternate reality, even if it is real life gothic horror. The best bit about playing Michelle is not so much that she is a vampire, and thus higher up on the food chain with better survival chances than that of a mere mortal. It is not so much her profession, although I must say that being as naughty-minded as I am it is nice to once and again not care about what people think of my behaviour - from the role I play it is only logical that I behave in such a manner. Nor is it the fact that I get to wear clothes that are fit for the finest gala, the naughtiest ero-parties, or the worst kind of heels people would break their necks on.
It is the designing of the wardrobe that I fancy most.

Michelle's costumes, for costumes they are, take up a large portion of my cupboard. Most of the stuff she wears isn't fit for day-to-day wear, and I don't attend that many black tie or white tie occasions that I wear them often. I am as much a comfortable dresser as most men, and do not really care about what other people think of my looks. Being built on a larger scale than most humans and therefore not fitting in most stuff the fashion industry throws at me (including bra's and shoes, mind), I've always felt awkward-looking in clothes that reach halfway down my arms, instead of down to my wrists. This, in a way, is the reason I started to sew mundanewear, clothes that I wear when not playing a role, but am as mundane as the next person. The term has become a bit fudgy now that I sew mundanewear that is still costume, but it can also be stretched to be "clothes that are worn nowadays" or "clothes that are or were within the boudaries of fashion in the last ten years". I do love stealing construction techniques or necklines from other era's, but mostly people don't even notice. I've developed quite a style for myself, I think.

Designing Michelle's wardrobe always poses a bit of a problem. How to dress someone that hasn't got a pulse, will never be cold, has style, and a particular lifestyle and occupation to keep in mind. Well, just start somewhere. The costumes keep piling up. I got to sniff at corsetmaking and catsuits for the Bal Masqué for the Prince's anniversary. I worked on bridal clothes and long dresses, and the latest addition to Michelle's wardrobe is a suit. Not a normal suit, but one that is a tad different from everything you see out there. It has style, it has flair - and high necks work great with my figure.

Each costume gets a name. As mundane as The Suit sounds, as much as Cream-Blue will remind you of cheese, there will always be names tickling the inspiration like Violently Violet and Silver Mistress. It's been a trip, and it's not over by far.

Translation: "I'd like to look a bit more businesslike. Do you have this suit in a size 6?" - "Of course."
"Hm. To be honest, you now look like the madam of a brothel."
"Strange, isn't it, you're always more susceptible to the compliments of a saleswoman."