Sasara Lei Santhra

Status: Discontinued Events: Shadowrifts IV
Race: Elf
Class: Mage

When Sasara was called back to the Compendium Scientia to educate the new Mages, she was excited and honoured. Back in the CS, Kraymeche showed her around and told her to just call if she needed anything.
That same night and the next morning some apprentices knocked on her door, and the next morning the first classes were held. Though all apprentices try their very best, some are very eager to learn new things. Take Lolindir, who had been studying magic for 70 years in his own world before he was obducted by the Rifts. He would not stop exploring the possibilities of magic in Chae'Dor.

Sasara has found her way in the House of Mages now, and her lessons continue at eleven each morning. The lessons consist of Meditation, Practicing using energy, Theory, and a practical part.

Sasara is the basic stuffy mage, master in the arts of magic. She likes to see her students try, but is fully aware of the dangers of magic. She tries to take the time for her students, and devote extra time to those that require it. Her attitude and attire are those of an older woman. And like any mage, she likes her kaf in the morning, strong, sweet, fresh and hot.

art by Henk Brouwer
Art of Sasara by Henk Brouwer.
Published here with his permission.