Styx de Simonis

Status: Discontinued
Events: Shadowrifts I
Shadowrifts II
Race: Human
Class: Witch

Daughter of a marquis, Styx lives in the city of Chae'Dor. Her father the marquis, and his wife retreated to the countryside because the city became to bustled with people.

When more and more people came through the rifts from other worlds to the city, Styx took the opportunity and started making friends. Very powerful friends indeed:
Lord Thoronghil, lord of the city, as well as his right hand, Sir Angus of the Order of the Great Kilt, are familiar with Styx. The Dwarf delegation, with Princess Bellina as close friend, have accompanied Styx on a walk through the forest. And Clan Mantigrue have promised their protection to Styx in exchange for lessons in Krey elvish.

But Styx is most renowned for her position in the Knowledge Council. Whenever anyone has news about the rifts, they bring the information to Styx. Garland, the head mage, and Kremesh, his necromancer collegue also promised their protection to Styx.

There are, however, a lot of people Styx can't be friendly with. Foremost are the orcs. In one encounter Styx was hit unconscious by an orc and presumably raped.

One Day, Styx disappeared without a trace. Some friends of hers found her booklet with recipes in the chest of a mage. What happened to her, no-one knows.

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