Tis, tempelion van Lun

Status: Discontinued Events: Formanterra IV
Formanterra V
Formanterra IIX
Race: Human
Class: Bodyguard

After a massive earthquake, a small part of what was once a glorious land remains. Tis, daughter of a farmer, sets out the day after the disaster to find her brother who had joined the army shortly before. In the largest town left on the continent, no more than a small city, she hears the dreadful news that all beyond the three villages is lost. She meets a priest and his bodyguard, a cashel and tempelion of Lun. They take her under her wing and after returning home with the bad news, she decides to join the people of Lun. There, she is trained as a tempelion, bodyguard to a priest, herself.

A small woman, with wisdom shining in her pale blue eyes takes Tis into service, and together with Salyana and Athar Tis lives some pretty amazing tales. On one trip around the island, Tis is bitten by a follower of Lup, and she becomes a werewolf. More doubts, and less certainty in her life. If not for Salyana, Tis would never have survived these circumstances, and a tight bond between the two exists. Tis basically is a shy girl, but very loyal towards Salyana.

Because Salyana and Athar will not be returning to Formanterra after Forma IIX, Tis will be discontinued until further notice