Xantara Adamina

Status: Dead Events: Lands in Exile II
Lands in Exile III
Lands in Exile Special
Race: Elf
Class: Mage

Xantara comes from a world where evil has been caught inside an ent, named Ironbark. Every cycle the wards have to be renewed to keep it inside Ironbark. Sadly, Treesong, who is needed for this ritual, did not show up last time the wards have to be renewed. Xantara was, among others, sent out to find him.
Suddenly, she finds herself transported to another world. There, she does find Treesong, and his companion Thentro o Prosechtikos, but they can not return to their own world. They reside in a grove just outside the village of Hawkspire, and try to restore the balance in nature surrounding them.

Xantara joined the magician's guild in Hawkspire to keep an eye out for plans they might have, but soon finds they are morons who do not even know whether they can ever send people back. The library in the guild is very limited, and Xantara fears she must learn on her own about her branch of sorcery. Whether or not she will share her findings with the guild, depends on the advice of Treesong.

Treesong, Thentro, and Xantara become friends, and venture out into the forest together every day. They become good friends with the archdruid as well as with other people who have warm feelings for nature and the forest. Xantara also develops a friendship with Joral, a firemage, who is bluntly honest, a trait she can appreciate in a human.

In the five months Xantara has been in Hawkspire, her magic has failed her slowly, until the day she could do no more magic. A period of depression and feeling of failure followed, until she met Tarot who granted her magic again. The image here shown is of Xantara practicing pentacle magic.

When in a fight her lover Thentro died, Xantara suffered greatly. The ailment is known amongst elves as the Withering, and the process can take years. Xantara left her book with her friend Sylfur, as well as other possessions he could use, and went into the forest. Her body came to rest under the branches of the archdruid. Treesong's song echoed amongst the trees, speaking of loneliness, and there she died.